Throughout the past 25 years, Lilo Kinne presented works of art, and held art events/ exhibits of her own art in cooperation with artists from all over the world (paintings, photographs, multimedia installations, videos, art performances, and body painting).

Since the 1970's, she has developed international art projects with ART SPACEs in different cultures, where she arranged exhibitions and held art performances.

ART SPACE - STUTTGART (1975 - 1978)




ART SPACE - PARIS (1982 - 1989)

ART SPACE - NEW YORK (1989 - Present)

Lilo Kinne's works of art are in private, corporate, and public collections all over the world, since she travels extensively, and is of an extremely cosmopolitan spirit. Being a well known contemporary artist, and the founder of Multidimensional Art, Lilo Kinne is part of the international art scene. Her strong and very colorful paintings, photographs, as well as her videos (which show her speaking extemporaneously and performing), are part of major international collections in Europe, Japan, and the USA.

Working in cooperation with young international artists, she is known for an intriguing and dynamic use of colors and materials in her paintings, sculptures, video films, multi-media installations, and art performances.

lilo kinne

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Statement of Lilo Kinne:

"Since every moment in time is different, and all is always in flow, things develop in synchronicity. My art performance/dance & theater is never repeated in the same way.

Every time I perform, I perform uniquely and intuitively. I let the energy flow through me."

For the first time, in 1985, on an international level, in the field of contemporary choreography/dance, she presented, explained & performed before leading international dance companies such as the Stuttgart Ballet (Stuttgart), Ballet of the 20th Century (Brussels), Bella Levitsky Dance Theater (Los Angeles), among others, her concept of MULTIDIMENSIONAL DANCE, which, as she defined it as a philosopher, shows life in its flow within and through the body of a human being.

Since her early adolescence, Lilo Kinne has written texts, which she called "Gedankenaufsaetze" (Thought Novels) while she lived still in Germany and was approximately 12 or 13 years of age.

Writing has since been part of her life and one of the ways in which she expresses herself.

Writing also became part of numerous of her paintings, especially since the 1970's, when she declared her art "Multidimensional Art". "WRITTEN WORD" as well as "SPOKEN WORD" are part of Lilo Kinne's art and are inseparable from her as well as from her works!

Lilo Kinne's work was presented widely in the media, with many appearances in magazines, news papers, and on television. Numerous solo shows and participations in group exhibitions all over the world have taken place since 1976.

Since the 1970's, Lilo Kinne has been working as an artist, traveled extensively and lived within countries such as France, Germany, India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Japan, Egypt, Greece, USA, and many other countries.

In the ART SPACEs in the different countries, art exhibitions & art events, with MULTIDIMENSIONAL ART PERFORMANCES were held during opening receptions.

From 1976 on, she held MULTIDIMENSIONAL ART PERFORMANCES with DANCE & THEATER. While in Stuttgart (1976-80) and Frankfurt (1981), Germany; then in Paris, France (1982-89), and later in New York City (1989-Present), she choreographed for multi-cultural groups of people of all skin colors, and called this Dance & Theater group LILO KINNE MULTIDIMENSIONAL ART PERFORMANCE GROUP.

In 1985, Lilo Kinne participated at the INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL in Cannes at the Cotes d'Azur, France. At this event, she showed her MULTIDIMENSIONAL ART PERFORMANCES and choreographed while dancing.

At this meeting of international contemporary dancers & dance companies from all over the world, Lilo Kinne demonstrated that choreography can become totally intuitive work, where the choreographer and dancer become one and the same, creating the piece while letting the energy flow freely through the body.

The photos at the ART SPACE were taken on July 30, 2005 during ART TALKS:

Lilo Kinne explained her life and work.

Additionally, she held an ART PERFORMANCE WITH DANCE, while choreographing.

In her large paintings as well as in her videos, Lilo Kinne describes the human existence in its essence, and explains the nature and characteristics of human life in the middle of the entire flow of things.
Lilo Kinne loves HUMANKIND and cares for each individual, which makes it a special experience to meet her in person. LOVE and COMPASSION are her nature, and she is very conscious about LIFE in general. There is nothing simple about that...Complexity is what she teaches and lives every day of her life!